~Izzy and Aria meet up on the Pokemon Center’s battlefield located in Snowpoint City.~

Izzy: *sneering at Aria impatiently while she arranges her bow on her mystical blue hair.

Izzy: *angry* Can you hurry up?! The sun’s going down soon and I want to battle before I eat!

Aria: *sighing* Fine. Get ready to be DAZZLED!

Aria: *grabs a Pokeball out of her jacket* Okay, Roserade, Let’s go!

  • A red illuminating light emerges from the ball and out comes the bouquet Pokemon*

Roserade: Rose!!

Izzy: *smiling* Finally! *grabs a Pokeball out of his jacket* Beautifly, on stage!

  • Another red illuminating light emerges from the ball and out comes the Butterfly Pokemon*

Beautifly: Beaaauutttiiflllyyyy!

Nurse Joy: *raises her right arm up* Battle! *raises her right arm down* Begin!

Izzy: Beautifly, use Aerial Ace!

Aria: *smirking* Oh, no way! Roserade, jump up and use Sludge Bomb!

  • Beautifly descends to Roserade with an engulfed light casted around it*

Beautifly: Fly!

Aria: Roserade, dodge it!

  • Roserade quickly dodges the attack and begins hurling filthy sludge at Beautifly*

Beautifly: *effectively hit by Sludge Bomb*

Izzy: *worried* Oh, no! Beautifly, get up!

Aria: Now, Roserade, finish this up with Solar Beam!

Roserade: *nods and begins gathering light* Roseee-raddeee!

Beautifly: *still stuck in the sludge*

Izzy: Beautifly, try using Silver Wind to knock it off.

  • Beautifly is trying to blow powered scales but has no luck*
  • Roserade has finished with gathering light*

Roserade: Roserade!

Aria: Let it rip!

  • Roserade fires the bundled beam at Beautifly*

Beautifly: *concerned* Flyyy!! *is hit by the Solar Beam*

Izzy: Beautifly, no!

  • The smokescreen coming from the beam smooths, revealing a fainted Beautifly*

Nurse Joy: Beautifly is unable to battle, Roserade wins!

Aria: *cheering* Oh, yay! *runs up and hugs Roserade* Roserade, you were amazing!

Izzy: *runs over to his wounded Pokemon* Are you okay?

Beautifly: *nods*

Izzy: Great work! Beautifly, return. *the pokeball glows a red light and Beautifly is lifted into the ball*

Izzy: *walking over to Aria who is returning her Roserade* Thanks for that. It showed me that Beautifly needs more training.

Aria: *laughing* You got that right.

Izzy: *scowls* Well, I’m going to go. You coming?

Aria: Yeah, sure.

  • The two head inside the Pokemon Center while the camera fades away*