Izzy's Venonat
Ijī's Konpan
Trainer: Izzy
Gender: Male
Ability: Compound Eyes (not yet activated)
Current location: At Home in Neighborly Town
Traded to: Izzy
Traded for: Eliza's Slugma
Original trainer: Eliza

This Venonat is a bug/poison-type Pokemon that was caught initially by Eliza but she traded him for Izzy's Slugma because Venonat preferred Izzy over Eliza. He is also the eight Pokemon obtained by Izzy while traveling in his original journey in Sinnoh.



While with Izzy at the Sinnoh League, Venonat fell off the stadium where it was standing and landed on the battle field between the battle of Ben and Kellyn. Because of this, Venonat accidently became Kellyn's fifth Pokémon during the battle. It tried battling against Ben's Magmar with Stun Spore and Psychic, but it failed miserably, eventually knocking it out and decreasing Kellyn's numbers down to two, tying with Ben.

Known MovesEdit

Move Episode
Stun Spore EP
Signal Beam EP
Poison Fang EP
Psychic EP
+ indicates this Pokémon used this move recently.*
- indicates this Pokémon normally can't use this move.


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