(イジー Ijī)
Gender: Male
Hometown: Neighborly Town
Region: Sinnoh
Family: Eliza (mother)
Keith (oldest brother)
Kellyn (second oldest brother)
Ben (third oldest brother)
Class: Pokémon Coordinator
Friends: Aria

Izzy is an aspiring Pokémon Coordinator from Neighborly Town that strives to become Top Coordinator and be the best in the region. He is the main protagonist of Pokémon: Sinnoh Adventures and is a skilled Coordinator. Throughout his journey, he's traveled through Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, and Sinnoh.

Izzy is notable for his enthusiastic attitude for Contests and his antagonistic nature when angered by a rival or enemy.



Sinnoh EraEdit


Izzy began his journey in his hometown of Neighborly Town in the Sinnoh region. Following in the footsteps of his older brothers who decided to challenge Gyms to compete in the Sinnoh League and become a Pokemon Ranger, Izzy wanted to start off fresh by leaving his hometown. Choosing to compete in Contests after revealing his aspirations of becoming Top Coordinator, he headed off to Sandgem Town to receive his first Pokemon. Picking the fire-type Chimchar, both he and his new companion began their journey to the Grand Festival. Along the way, Izzy met a wide variety of trainers and forged friendly rivalries with the likes of Aria of Daybreak Town, Dawn of Twinleaf Town and Zoey of Snowpoint City. He caught an Eevee as his first ever caught Pokemon, a Wurmple who would later become a Beautifly following evolving from Silcoon in a battle with Aria's Cascoon, and a Starly that evolved into a Staravia. Using Eevee for his first contest after hearing about its whereabouts being in Neighborly Town, Eevee dazzled the crowd and judges by showcasing its gracefulness when defeating Izzy's opponent Akira's Raichu, earning him his first ribbon. Not long after, Izzy and his newly evolved Beautifly made it to the final round of the Eveanant City Pokemon Contest where Beautifly narrowly defeated Izzy's opponent Sammy's Altaria, upping the ribbon count to two.

Battle DimensionEdit

Following the success in winning two ribbons, Izzy competed in the Wallace Cup at Lake Valor to win the prestigious Aqua Ribbon. Before this, he acquired a new rival in Jessilina, a quirky yet ferocious Coordinator with a unique team of six. At the Wallace Cup, Izzy met Avery of Olympiad City, a dual trainer competing in both contests and gym battles. He also met Mason of Solaceon Town and Sugar of Pastoria City, another ferocious Coordinator with a deceptive tenacity to win. During the Appeals Round of the Wallace Cup, Beautifly was showcased and helped advance him to the Battle Round with 15 other Coordinators. The following day, Staravia won the Round 1 battle and Eevee, the Round 2 battle, making Izzy reach the Top 4 with rivals Aria, Dawn, and Zoey. Beautifly defeated Aria's Roselia, leading to Izzy's final battle against Dawn and her Piplup. Eevee fought in the final round and with its newly learned Iron Tail would've won the battle for Izzy but time ran out, giving Dawn the win. After the Wallace Cup, Izzy and his team of four trained extensively. During that time Izzy caught an Elekid who wound up being his strongest of the five. Continuing on in the journey, Izzy met up with Aria again and battled her newly caught Glameow with his Elekid. He and Sugar argued consistently over who was the better Coordinator every time they saw each other after Sugar's reveal of her third ribbon. Fueled by his need to do better than Sugar, Izzy competed for his third ribbon in the Sandalstraw Pokemon Contest with Aria and Jessilina. He faltered at the Appeals Round, greatly discouraging himself and his Pokemon.

Galactic BattlesEdit

After losing the Sandalstraw Town contest, Izzy continued to train. While training, he met new friends and went on multiple excursions, notably the Pokemon Summer Academy with some of his rivals. During training for upcoming contests, Izzy's Beautifly learned Silver Wind while Eevee learned Dig and Ice Beam. After finally finding an area with a contest nearby in Simpson City, Beautifly and Eevee's new moves were utilized in the Double Performance and Double Battle portions of the contests. Going against Aria once again, this time with her newly evolved Empoleon and Roselia, Izzy reigned supreme to win the ribbon, upping the count to three finally. With the win, invigoration ensued. Because of this, Chimchar evolved into Monferno and learned Flame Wheel and Mach Punch and Staravia evolved into Staraptor, learning Aerial Ace immediately and Close Combat not far afterwards. Along with this, Izzy met arguably his biggest rival next to Aria, Ursula. With her snooty personality and arrogance, Izzy often argued with her similarly to Sugar and they competed in three consecutive contests together. Competing first in Chocovine Town, Izzy finally used Elekid for the Appeals Round, which helped him advance to the Battle Round. Using Monferno next for the Battle Rounds, Izzy quickly reached the Top 4 where he was to battle against Ursula. Ursula brought out her Garchomp and in the end, savagely destroyed Monferno, causing it to faint and lose the round. Ursula went on to win the ribbon, angering Izzy and especially Monferno who promised to get stronger in order to beat Garchomp next time. While Monferno wasn't used for the next contest in Starbright Town, it did learn Close Combat. Elekid also evolved into Electabuzz and learned two new moves, Electro Ball and Thunder Punch and Beautifly through training learned Aerial Ace and Safeguard. At the Starbright Contest, Beautifly and Staraptor showed off their aerial abilities in the Appeals Round to advance themselves to the Battle Rounds. Successful in the Top 8 match, they then battled Sugar and her two Pokemon Masquerain and Raichu. Despite the type disadvantages, they prevailed in order to make the final round against Ursula. Having evolved her two Eevee into Flareon and Vaporeon to make it through the Appeals Round, Ursula used her two new Eeveelutions to battle against Beautifly and Staraptor. Despite having the advantage in that both of them could fly, Beautifly and Staraptor failed to defeat Ursula, once again earning Ursula a ribbon for herself. After losing yet again, Izzy took off to Snowpoint City to rest up and think up new strategies. During the break, Snorunt was caught and Electabuzz learned two more moves, Discharge and Dynamic Punch. With his new Snorunt, Izzy trained Electabuzz for his new contest, deciding it would be best for the Battle Round. Izzy then traveled to Beasley Town and witnessed Ursula signing up. The two promised to see each other at the final round, with Ursula gloating that she'd obtain her final ribbon against him, indicating that Izzy's loses against her aided in Ursula receiving her third and fourth ribbons. At the contest, Electabuzz was the Appeals Round and successfully utilized Electro Ball and Dynamic Punch to create sparks, wowing the crowd and judges. Monferno was used for the Battle Rounds and Izzy made it to the finals with Ursula, as promised after defeating Mason and his newly revealed Umbreon. As the match went on, Ursula had the upper hand until Monferno learned Flamethrower and used it to overwhelm Garchomp's next attack. Once time ran out, Izzy and Monferno had won, earning him his fourth ribbon. Izzy then returned back to Snowpoint City and eventually captured a Sneasel, which would join his team as its last member after being substituted for Staraptor. On the way to the next contest, Izzy stumbled upon an elder that asked him if he'd like a baby Pokemon. Not ever having one, Izzy quickly agreed to keep it, which ended up being an Eevee. As Eevee was young, Izzy did not capture it in a Pokeball and thus carried it around. Returning back to Snowpoint City due to it being the closest city, Snorunt evolved into Glalie after a mock contest battle and finally learned Ice Beam. Izzy resided in Snowpoint City's Pokemon Center for a while and constantly switched out his Pokemon for training. During the training, many of Izzy's Pokemon learned new moves including Eevee, Staraptor, Electabuzz, Glalie, Sneasel, and the baby Eevee who learned Take Down (Eevee), Steel Wing, Brave Bird, and Sky Attack (Staraptor), Thunderbolt (Electabuzz), Gyro Ball, Hyper Beam, Blizzard, and Ice Fang (Glalie), Fury Swipes (Sneasel), and Tackle and Sand Attack (baby Eevee) respectively. Also during this Sneasel obtained a Razor Fang from a resident in Snowpoint City.

Grand Festival PhenomenonEdit

With an abundance of newness, Izzy becomes ready to acquire his fifth and final ribbon. On the way to the nearby contest, Beautifly learned Solar Beam. After arriving in Sundale City for its contest, Izzy was surprised by the amount of rivals who were there to both compete and watch on. He eventually used Glalie for the Appeals Round and watched Mason and Sugar not make it to the next round. For the battle rounds, Izzy used both Beautifly and Glalie to make it to the final round. Going against Dawn and her Togekiss, Izzy used Beautifly. Following a nearly devastating Aura Sphere used by Togekiss, Beautifly managed to deflect it long enough to power up her Solar Beam which hit Togekiss, causing her to faint. This won Izzy his fifth and final ribbon granted his eligibility to compete in the upcoming Grand Festival. After the win, Izzy traveled to Sandgem Town to visit Professor Rowan. While in Sandgem Town, Electabuzz was revealed to have evolved into Electivire and Izzy learned from the professor that his baby Eevee was old enough to evolve and that his older Eevee did not want to evolve. With that, Eevee decided to evolve into Leafeon, leading to the trek to Eterna Forest. During the trek, Eevee learned Giga Impact and the baby Eevee evolved into Leafeon. After returning to Sandgem Town, Eevee went through an accident at the lab and accidentally evolved into all of its Eeveelutions. However, it resolved and returned back to its normal self. Izzy then returned to his hometown of Neighborly Town to train for the Grand Festival. While at home, Izzy and his eight Pokemon trained constantly. Sneasel evolved into Weavile and learned four new moves and Electivire and Leafeon also learned new moves. Just before leaving for the Grand Festival Monferno evolved into Infernape, becoming the last to do so. At the Grand Festival all eight of Izzy's Pokemon were utilized. Beautifly was the first as she was used for the Appeals Round. In the top 64 round, Electivire and Infernape were used followed by Glalie and Staraptor in the Top 32. In the Top 16, Izzy had to battle against his rival Ursula. Using Infernape once again and now Leafeon, the two defeated Ursula's Garchomp and Kirlia to advance to the Top 8 where Izzy battled against his original rival Aria. Electivire and Weavile went up against her Roserade and Purugly and won, making Izzy a semi-finalist. In the Top 4 match against Dawn, Beautifly and Eevee battled Dawn's Buneary and Quilava to reach the final round. After a long fought battle, Dawn prevailed as the winner, eliminating Izzy and ending his dream of being Top Coordinator. Izzy then watched Zoey beat Dawn to become Top Coordinator and receive the Ribbon Cup. Following the end of the Grand Festival, Izzy returned back home and met up with his mother Eliza and older twin brothers Ben and Kellyn. All three congratulated him on reaching the Top 4 and hoped that he'd continue following his dream. Just before leaving to go watch his brothers compete in the Sinnoh League, Izzy caught a Slugma that he eventually traded for his mother's Venonat, making it his final caught Pokemon in Sinnoh. After Ben and Kellyn's loses in the league, Izzy learned that the Hoenn region held contests and had its own Grand Festival. Because of this, he decided to travel to Hoenn and begin a new journey. Taking only Beautifly, Eevee, and Glalie, Izzy headed off via ship.

Hoenn EraEdit

A New StartEdit
Road to the Big LeaguesEdit
Hoenn AdventuresEdit

Kanto EraEdit

Battle FrontierEdit

Johto EraEdit

Johto AdventuresEdit
Aspirations EnhancedEdit
Whirl IslandsEdit


On handEdit

Pokémon Information
Cyndaquil → Quilava → Typhlosion
Pokémon Information
Chikorita → Bayleef
Pokémon Information
Teddiursa → Ursaring
Pokémon Information
Mareep → Flaaffy → Ampharos
Pokémon Information
Skorupi → Drapion
Pokémon Information
Gastly → Haunter

At HomeEdit

Pokémon Information
While battling in a battle against an opponent's Grumpig, Monferno was low on energy but due to it wanting to win the battle, he evolved into Infernape, helping Izzy win the battle.
Chimchar → Monferno → Infernape
Pokémon Information
While in Floaroma Town, Chimchar stumbled upon a brown object in a tree. Eevee later revealed itself. Wanting to catch Eevee and use it in future contests, Chimchar battled him and defeated it, causing Izzy to catch Eevee.
Pokémon Information
While battling Aria's Cascoon, Silcoon and Cascoon evolved at the same time. Beautifly would then be used in may contests and become a powerhouse with moves like Aerial Ace and Solarbeam. After leaving the Sinnoh Grand Festival, Izzy decided to take Glalie with him to Hoenn to compete in the contests there.
Wurmple → Silcoon → Beautifly
Pokémon Information
Staravia evolved during a battle against Zoey and her Glameow. Glameow used Fury Swipes, further adding damage to Staravia. Getting fed up with her, she evolved into Staraptor.
Starly → Staravia → Staraptor
Pokémon Information
After winning the Electro Cup in Lacosta City, Izzy was awarded an Electirizer. Immediately afterwards, he gave it to Electabuzz, evolving it into an Electivire. Electivire is one of Izzy's strongest pokemon and learned many moves as an Elekid and Electabuzz.
Elekid → Electabuzz → Electivire
Pokémon Information
While training in Snowpoint City for an upcoming contest, Snorunt evolved into Glalie after he finally learned Ice Beam. After leaving the Sinnoh Grand Festival, Izzy decided to take Glalie with him to Hoenn to compete in the contests there.
Snorunt → Glalie
Pokémon Information
While training at home in Neighborly Town, Sneasel was in a fierce battle with Izzy's Glalie. She was holding her prestigious Razor Claw while it was nighttime. It than began to glow when she used Quick Attack, leading to Sneasel to evolve into Weavile. Weavile quickly learned Shadow Ball, defeating Snorunt.
Sneasel → Weavile
Pokémon Information
After being revealed by Prof. Rowan that Eevee could evolve into new evolution, a grass and ice type, Izzy quickly decided to give Eeeve the choice of who it wanted to be evolve into, he decided to have it evolve into a Leafeon at Eterna forest.
Eevee → Leafeon
Pokémon Information
Pokémon Information
Torchic → Combusken
Pokémon Information
Egg → Togepi → Togetic → Togekiss
Pokémon Information
Ralts → Kirlia → Gallade
Pokémon Information
Corphish → Crawdaunt
Pokémon Information
Pokémon Information
Pokémon Information
Pokémon Information
Pokémon Information
Swinub → Piloswine → Mamoswine
Pokémon Information
Aipom → Ambipom
Pokémon Information
Nincada → Ninjask
Pokémon Information
Squirtle → Wartortle
Pokémon Information
Trapinch → Vibrava
Pokémon Information
Poliwag → Poliwhirl → Politoed
Pokémon Information
Pokémon Information
Magby → Magmar
Pokémon Information
Gible → Gabite → Garchomp
Pokémon Information
Eevee → Glaceon
Pokémon Information
Pokémon Information
Pokémon Information
Horsea → Seadra → Kingdra
Pokémon Information
Phanpy → Donphan
Pokémon Information


Pokémon Information

Given AwayEdit

Pokémon Information
Nincada → Shedinja


Sinnoh RibbonsEdit

Ribbon Additional Information
Neighborly Town Ribbon Izzy's Eevee defeated Akira's Raichu and won his first ribbon.
Eveanant City Ribbon With the help of his newly evolved Beautifly, Izzy beat Sammy's Altaria, narrowly winning his second ribbon.
Simpson City Ribbon Using Beautifly and Eevee for the Double Battle, Izzy beat long time rival Aria's Empoleon and Roselia to win his third ribbon.
Beasley Town Ribbon Izzy beat his new rival Ursula and her Garchomp with Monferno to win his fourth ribbon after losing to her before.
Sundale City Ribbon In a fierce battle between Izzy's Beautifly and Dawn's Togekiss, Beautifly managed to deflect Togekiss' Aura Sphere, giving it time to power up her Solar Beam which hit Togekiss, causing her to faint. Izzy then won his fifth Ribbon thus becoming eligible to participate in the Sinnoh Grand Festival.

Hoenn RibbonsEdit

Ribbon Additional Information
Izabe Island Ribbon He won against his former rival from Sinnoh Jessilina and her Mothim with Ralts to win his first ribbon.
Lilycove City Ribbon Won against his rival Ken's Jigglypuff with his newly evolved Togetic and Torchic.
Amber Town Ribbon He won his third ribbon in a Double Battle with Combusken and Kirlia against Wendy's Aerodactyl and Poliwhirl.
Kander City Ribbon Won his fourth ribbon with Castform against Joseph's Golbat.
Blue Island Ribbon Competed against rival Daisy and her Delcatty and Venusaur with his Cacnea and Gallade in order to receive his final ribbon, thus becoming eligible to compete in the Hoenn Grand Festival.

Johto RibbonsEdit

Ribbon Additional Information
Catallia City Ribbon Izzy earned his first ribbon against his new rival Alexi's Chikorita with Cyndaquil and his newly caught Teddiursa.
Goldenrod City Ribbon Won against Cordelia's Banette with his newly evolved Quilava to receive his second ribbon.
Big Town Ribbon Won just narrowly against Matt's Togekiss with Bayleef and Teddiursa to earn Izzy's third ribbon.
Whitestone Town Ribbon Izzy beat his traveling companion Raliegh's Dragonair with his newly evolved Ampharos and Bayleef to win his fourth ribbon.
Furi Town Ribbon Competed against rival Aria's Skuntank and Snover with Ampharos and Phanpy in order to receive his final ribbon, thus becoming eligible to compete in the Johto Grand Festival.

Grand Festival RankingEdit

Izzy placed in the following Grand Festival competitions:


Whirl IslandsEdit

  1. Leaf Badge
  2. Crag Badge
  3. Frozen Badge
  4. Mystic Badge
  5. Smog Badge

Pokemon Championship BattleEdit

  • Whirl Islands League: Champion


  • Wavington City Water Pokemon Tournament: Winner; received a King's Rock for winning [Kanto]
  • Whirl Cup: Top 4