Eliza's Magcargo
Iraiza's Magcargot
Trainer: Eliza
Gender: Male
Ability: Flame Body
Evolved: Unknown amount of episodes as Slugma
Traded to: Eliza
Traded for: Izzy's Venonat
Original trainer: Izzy

This Magcargo was caught by Izzy as a Slugma but he traded him for Eliza's Venonant because Slugma preferred Eliza over Izzy.


Slugma was first seen lurking in the bushes of Eliza's house's backyard. Feebas heard noises and began spraying Water Gun at it. Slugma came out attacking Feebas with Smog. Eliza and Izzy then came out and tried capturing it. A wild Venonat accidently stumbled upon the backyard as well, scaring Slugma, causing it to attack with a Fire Spin.

Eliza sent Feebas to attack Venonat while Slugma was attacked by Izzy's Beautifly. Slugma tried using its strong moves to damage Beautifly, but it narrowly missed every time. Beautifly then hit Slugma with a strong Aerial Ace, knocking it out. Izzy then threw a pokeball, successfully capturing Slugma. Minutes later, Slugma was brought out to meet his new friends. As the episode went on, Slugma was seen around Eliza, favoring her over his new trainer. Both trainers noticed that each other's Pokémon seemed like to the other, leading to both running to the nearby Pokémon Center.

At the Pokémon Center, Nurse Joy appeared by the Pokémon Trade Machine. At the trading machine, Slugma's pokeball was placed along with Venonat's. The two pokemon then switched trainers.

In the next episode, he battled in a mock contest battle against Izzy's Eevee. Slugma used its moves against Eevee flawlessly, even causing it to sleep twice by using his Yawn. Ultimately, he defeated Eevee using Flamethrower.

When Izzy returned from Hoenn to visit Eliza, Slugma was revealed to have evolved into Magcargo. During Izzy's time in Hoenn, Magcargo learned Sandstorm. He later battled against TBA and won.

Known MovesEdit

Move Episode
Flamethrower + EP
Smog + EP
Fire Spin + EP
Yawn EP
Sandstorm + EP
+ indicates this Pokémon used this move recently.*
- indicates this Pokémon normally can't use this move.



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